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How to Address a Hoarding Situation?

Hoarding is a huge problem

Hoarding is a mental health issue

A room crowded with books

March 16, 2021

You may not know this, but hoarding can be a serious problem. It can expose people to very dangerous living conditions. People who keep collecting things without letting them go can expose themselves to health hazards and poor hygiene.

Here are a few things you can do to help those in a hoarding situation find a solution.

Don’t Enable that Behavior

You may not be able to stop someone who hoards, but you can stop enabling that behavior. If your loved one hoards antiques, don’t invite them to go antiquing. If they love collecting memorabilia, never give them any such gifts. Also, don’t offer to hoard items for a loved one.

Help Them Sort Their Belongings

You can help your loved one sort their belongings. That way, some order in the house can be maintained. Otherwise, they’ll expose themselves to bad health conditions and poor hygiene. They can also get hurt because of tripping hazards everywhere.

Don’t Clean Up After Them

However, cleaning up after someone is not a solution for hoarding. It is equivalent to enabling that behavior. Don’t act like a maid for someone that is hoarding. Otherwise they’ll get into the habit of leaving it to you.

Get Professionals to Help

If nothing else is working, you can get professional help to sort out someone’s belongings to stop hoarding. A+ Renewz can help sort through a hoarder’s possessions and improve their surroundings. So call A+ Renewz right away.